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Optic Games Development


For many years, the continent of Namrien has found itself at an uneasy peace. Kalenn, once thought of as a giant threat to the peace and stability of the rest of the world, has slept quietly for 100 years – their new generations opting for peace and isolation instead of endless war. Holsthmere, a new and rising power, has made tremendous leaps in their technological, aetheric, and social development, and now exert a great deal of influence in the politics of the continent. But things are about to dramatically change.

Victor Mannisen, leader of Holsthmere’s new Expansion and Unity Party (EXUP) has risen to the office of Prime Minister under the banner of “assisting” all the nearby smaller nations in Namrien. Across the continent, troubled by these actions, Premier Ira Refalis begins to slowly wake the sleeping giant of Kalenn to prepare for the war they do not want, but the one they know is inevitably coming.