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Where Magic meets technology

High Science Fantasy

The world of Liberators is one where the arcane and the technical meet and meld.

Twist the “aether” – a unique force that acts upon the energies of the world – into a powerful ally that can throw bursts of force to push enemies around or summon blossoms of flame to force mechanical targets to shut down.

Alongside the flowing tides of the aether are some of the most bleeding-edge innovations in military technology ranging from laser cannons to powered exosuits. Combine these tools to make your small force one to be respected by all.

A New Strategic Experience

A Unique Take on the SRPG

Battles are handled by your small force of eight elite soldiers of the Kalenn Armed Volunteer Expeditionaries. Command them from the field and make tactical decisions where your moves can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Enemies in this game are highly dynamic, constantly evolving within their own strategies and also responding to your own strategies. Battles are always fresh and interesting, with a difficulty system that will be enjoyable for both hardcore and casual players alike.